Art Nouveau bronze figure of Icarus


Antique Reference 2168

Art Nouveau bronze figure of Icarus



A beautiful Art Nouveau patinated bronze figure of Icarus. Signed St Schwarz in the bronze. A very elegant and finely hand chased figure of a naked male with wings standing on tiptoes and with an arm outstretched. Austrian c 1910. A beautiful figure


Stefan Schwartz (born August 20, 1851 in Neutra, Hungary, died July 31, 1924 in Raabs on the Thaya, Austria) was a sculptor and medallist.


He was the son of a carpenter and was originally to become a clergyman, before he first worked in Pest and then learned the studied in Vienna. In the years 1869-1874 he studied at the Vienna School of Applied Arts under Otto King. After various study visits, he was appointed to the same school in 1876 through the mediation of Rudolph von Eitelberger-Edelberg as a teacher. His students included Arnold Hartig. 1875 he and Rudolf Mayer set up their own Art School. In 1896 he received a gold medal at the International Art Exhibition in Berlin. He became famous among other things by the portrait of the emperor on the Austrian crown in silver and gold. On it Emperor Franz Joseph (without laurel wreath) is depicted with the signature of the artist. This feature shows the importance of the artist by the imperial family.

Most of his estate is now managed by the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Date Austrian c 1910

Condition Excellent original condition. A couple of small chips to the marble base

Dimensions Approximate height including the marble base 41 cm

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