Austrian cold painted bronze figure of a hare on onyx videpoche

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Austrian cold painted bronze figure of a hare on onyx videpoche


Antique reference 2017

Austrian cold painted bronze hare vide poche



A finely cast and detailed Art Deco Austrian cold painted bronze figure of a hare on an onyx vide poche. Unmarked. Excellent original condition and a charming piece. Approx 11.3 cm tall and 12 cm diameter. The use of the onyx in this piece dates it to around 1930. It was made in Austria The piece is unsigned.


There is a long history of sculpture making in Vienna. Almost all street corners in the city have a large sculpture dedicated to a former inhabitant of the city. The  tradition of Vienna Bronze figures can be traced to the middle of the 19th century and were popular with visitors to the city. Around 50 manufacturers resided in Vienna at the turn of the century making small Austrian bronze sculpture with its fine detail enjoyed great popularity. In the late 19th Century a number of Austrian bronze foundries situated in Vienna and the Austrian-Bohemian border began to specialise in the technique of ‘cold painted’ processes. This naturalistic finish was created by painting the bronze with several layers of enamel colours called ‘dust paints’ which resulted in fine life like studies of the various models and sculptures. The colours of these dust paints were exclusive to these foundries.  This process was often applied when the cast was still warm, the natural shrinkage on cooling adding to the permanency of the colour as it annealed the paint firmly into the metal. As the colour was not ‘fired’ this process is referred to as ‘cold painted’.

Date c 1930

Condition – Excellent original condition

Dimensions Approx 11.3 cm tall and 12 cm diameter

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