Daum acid etched glass vase with flowers and leaves


Antique Reference 2053

Daum Nancy Glass vase Branche Fleurie de Phlox Paniculata rouge



Daum – Art Nouveau  square glass vase finely decorated with acid etched and enamelled  flowers and leaves (Branche fleurie de Phlox Paniculata rouge). The glass vase uses the  intercalaire technique with the inclusion of coloured flecks or streaks of glass between the layers of glass. This technique was pioneered by the Daum factory in 1899. The enamelled red flowers and  leaves are very finely detailed and are shown on 3 sides of the vase. One side of the vase has only flower buds and leaves.The vase is signed in cameo Daum Nancy and with the Cross of Lorraine. It is French made between 1896 and 1900 and in excellent original condition. A beautiful example of this work.

A similar vase is illustrated on page 217 Guiseppe Cappa Le Genie Verrier de l’Europe


The Daum Glassworks was established in Nancy, France in 1875 and is still making glass today albeit of a very different style. The family were originally Lawyers not glassmakers. Jean Daum the father of Antonin and Auguste originally took over the glassworks as part payment of a debt. Auguste (also a lawyer) joined his Father shortly afterwards and started to develop and expand the business.  Auguste and Antonin and  later Michel were the main family members involved in the major development of the Company. The Company employed major designers including Jacques Gruber, Amalric Walter, Henri Bergé, and in more recent times Philippe Stark and Salvador Dali. They developed and  patented many techniques in glassmaking and were always at the forefront of design and manufacturing. In 1900 at the Exposition Universelle they were awarded a Grand Prix medal and quickly became one of the major makers in the Art Nouveau movement.

More information about the Daum Factory is to be found in the Artists pages.

Date between 1896 and 1900

Condition Excellent original condition. No nicks chips or polishing

Dimensions Approx height 12 cm and width 5cm x 5cm

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