Daum vase decorated with Coeurs de Jeannette


Antique Reference #:1927

Daum cameo glass vase decorated with Coeurs de Jeannette



A very charming Art Nouveau cameo and enamel glass solifleur vase by Daum. Finely acid etched and enamelled and decorated with a design of Coeurs de Jeannette (Bleeding Heart) flowers and leaves. The enamelling is particularly fine and would have taken several layers to achieve such beautiful detail. The leaves at the base of the vase have been vitirfied. The vitrification technique was mostly used between 1900 and 1914 and consists of rolling the hot glass on the marver in particles of metal oxide or powder made of colored ground glass, and re-firing . The powder becomes fused and vitrified into the surface. The effect is further enhanced by polishing or cutting at the wheel. Patterns can then be acid-etched or wheel carved into the textured surface. Signed in cameo Daum Nancy and with the Cross of Lorraine. French c 1900. Excellent original condition and a beautiful piece.


In 1878, Jean Daum (1825-1885) bought the Sainte-Catherine glassworks in Nancy. He made both of his sons partners in the business – Auguste in 1879 and Antonin in 1887. Upon finishing his classical education in Bitche, Metz, and Nancy, Auguste Daum received a law degree from the university in Paris. He abandoned his law career in order to manage his father’s factory and, in 1904, he became the president of the Nancy Commercial Court. Upon his death in 1909, his brother Antonin took over the family business. Antonin was a student in Lunéville and then attended a secondary school in Nancy. In 1887, he graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris and joined the glass factory to attend to the renovation of forms and decorations.

Auguste’s management and Antonin’s creative talent gave the business a new economic and artistic dimension, most notably with the creation of an artistic glassmaking section in Nancy in 1891. The business developed several new techniques, the vitrification des poudres amongst others. In 1899, they patented their décor intercalaire.

Over the years, numerous talented artists were in charge of Daum’s decoration workshop. Jacques Gruber, decorator and glassblower, was responsible from 1893 onwards and Henri Bergéfrom 1895 onwards. Amalric Walter’s arrival in 1904, after an apprenticeship at the Sèvres factory, extended the pâte de verre technique within the Daum glassworks.

The Musee d’Ecole de Nancy has housed since the mid 80’s almost 600 examples of Daum glass, crystal, light fixtures and pâtes de verre, all of which illustrate a century of Nancy glass production.

Date c 1900

Condition Excellent original condition. No nicks chips or polishing. Light wear to the underside

Size    Approx height 12 cm Maxumum width 6cm

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