Harlequinade – a pair of bookends by Louis Armand Bardery

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Harlequinade – a pair of bookends by Louis Armand Bardery


Antique Reference 2030

Harlequinade – a pair of bronze bookends


A pair of cire perdu wax bookends showing the story of Harlequinade. Harlequin and Columbine in an embrace and Pierrot alone. Sculpted by Louis Armand Bardery (1879-1952) and signed in the bronze . Foundry mark for Valsuani and also marked Cire Perdu (Lost wax) . A beautiful and unusual pair of bookends. French c 1920 Approx height 19 cm and in excellent original condition

The story of Harlequinade can be traced back to the Italian Comedia dell’arte. For over 150 years Harlequin remained the star of the pantomime, and pantomime was dominated by the Harlequinade, a comic chase scene telling the story of Harlequin and Columbine. The Harlequinade was in mime with music and lots of slapstick and tomfoolery. Every pantomime had a Harlequinade as part of the bill.

The story of the Harlequinade had the same basic format; a chase scene where the two lovers, Harlequin and Columbine, are kept apart by the girl’s father, Pantaloon, whose servants play tricks on him. In the chase the two lovers are pursued by her father and his servant, Pierrot.