Italian Art Deco Modernist Bronze figure of an Angel


Antique Reference 2019

An Italian Art Deco Modernist bronze figure of a winged Angel.



A very striking Italian Art Deco Modernist bronze figure of an Angel. Very finely case and with beautiful hand finished detail and patina. Marble base. Battisligia Milan foundry seal to the figure which is unsigned. To the underside of the base is a label stating the figure was included in an exhibition ‘Hommage a Vittorio Pica’ in Milan in March 1931 and there is the name of the buyer.


Modernism came about at the beginning of the 20th Century through wanting to break away from tradition – from traditional styles, beliefs and ideals. It was the time of ‘… out with the old and in with the new…’, a time when looking back just wouldn’t do anymore.

In Italy, the Modernist movement was initially influenced by fascist ideology, promoting the grandeur of the Italian nation and celebrating technology, speed and the power of machines. It laid the foundation of the great Italian design of the ’60s’ and influenced Italian architecture, art, literature, cinema, and even gastronomy.

Vittorio Pica (1862-1930) was an influential Italian writer and Art Critic who played a key role in the creation of the Venice Biennale. He spent most of his life in Milan.

Date c 1930

Condition Excellent original condition.

Dimensions Approximate height including the marble base 35 cm

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