Michel Decoux Art Deco bronze Le Chasseur – a Hunter and two Deer

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Michel Decoux Art Deco bronze Le Chasseur – a Hunter and two Deer


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Michel Decoux Art Deco bronze Le Chasseur – a Hunter and two Deer



Le Chasseur – French art deco cold painted bronze figure of a Hunter with a raised Spear and 2 running deer. A very striking and well modelled Art Deco figural group with excellent hand finished detail that shows the skill of this talented sculptor. The spear is original and is in two parts that screw into the raised hand of the Hunter. Stamped Bronze in the cast of each deer and the Hunter and stamped Decoux in the bronze of the Hunter and also signed Decoux in the original Brazilian Portoro marble and white onyx base. A very impressive, statement piece that will bring Art Deco style to any home.


Michel Decoux (1837-1924) Belgian but worked mainly in France. He was regarded as an animal sculptor though he occasionally sculpted people. He was best known for making groups of hunting scenes, and specialized in wild animals (elephants, panthers, etc.). Influenced by cubism and part of the art deco movement, he liked to work in bronze. He is listed in Hachet – Dictionnaire illustre des sculpteurs animaliers.

Art Deco (1920-1930s) is a style of decorative arts which first emerged in France, characterised by its geometric style. Art Deco was the successor to Art Nouveau, and a key differentiator is the influence of cubism associated with iconic artists like Pablo Picasso. Deco influenced architectural design, such as the Chrysler Building in New York, furniture, jewellery, fashion, cars and even domestic objects such as vacuum cleaners. René Jules Lalique is considered one of the key influencers of the art deco movement. After a successful career making jewellery in the art nouveau style, he started to make press-moulded, glass vases in his factory in the Alsace region of France.

Date – c 1920

Condition  Excellent original condition with some light rubbing to the patina

Dimensions Base 50 cm x 10.5 and height including base to top of spear 29 cm

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