Rene Lalique Opalescent Glass Perche Car Mascot


Antiques Reference 2549

Rene Lalique Opalescent Glass Perche Car Mascot


Rene Lalique Opalescent Glass Perche Car Mascot. This is a rarer opalescent version and has some original blue staining remaining. It has both a faint moulded signature and a wheel cut signature – R Lalique France. Marcilhac number 1158 designed 1929. Excellent original condition and a superb example


Rene Lalique 1880-1945 Rene Lalique was born a rural 19th century man in a pre-industrialized Europe. It was a time before light bulbs, and telephones, before automobiles and washing machines and electricity. But by the time of his death in 1945 at the dawn of the atomic age, he would have completed two careers spanning two different centuries. In 1900 at the age of 40, he was the most celebrated jeweller in the world and an art nouveau artist and designer of magnificent proportions. But by 1925 at the height of the art deco era he was the most celebrated glassmaker in the world. In between Lalique would leave his contemporaries behind as he turned from creating unique jewellery and objects d’art, to the mass production of innovative and usable art glass. He brought glass into the home of everyday people where it had never been before, and he worked out the industrial techniques to mass produce his useful art glass objects on a scale and cost to complement the spreading industrial revolution and resulting worldwide appeal.

More information regarding Rene Lalique can be found in the Artists Section

Date Designed 1929

Condition In excellent original condition .

Dimensions Approximate depth 6.1 cm length 16.5cm and height 10cm

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