WMF Ikora Glass and Chrome lamp designed by Karl Weidermann


Antique Reference 2286

WMF Ikora Glass and Chrome lamp designed by Karl Weidermann




An Art Deco glass lamp made by WMF Ikora and  designed by Karl Weidmann in Germany in the 1930’s. Original metal fitting stamped WMF ( a very small mark). Rewired and PAT tested  to British Safety Standards. It has a replacement shade holder ring. The lamp has a bulb in the base and a bulb on top and is very decorative. The colours in the base are predominately ruby red and black and it has a clear glass base.  A beautiful and unusual piece.


WMF Ikora -WMF was primarily a metal foundry but had been producing glass for over 100 years. Their major period of importance was from 1926-1936. Karl Weidmann joined the company as a young designer and maker and was the prime mover behind glass technology at WMF. He developed Myra glass followed by Ikora which was originally discovered as an experiment when trying to repair a piece of Myra glass with clear glass.

Art Deco was named after the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts held in Paris in 1925. It was the successor to and a reaction against art nouveau. Seen in furniture, pottery, textiles, jewellery, and glass it was also a notable style of cinema and hotel architecture.

Its chief difference from art nouveau is the influence of cubism which gives art deco design generally a more fragmented, geometric character. However, imagery based on plant forms, and sinuous curves remained in some art deco design, for example that of Clarice Cliff. Art deco also varied in its influences, taking inspiration from ancient Egyptian art, Aztec and other ancient Central American art. It also drew on the modern architecture and design of the Bauhaus, and of architects such as Le Corbusier and Mies van de Rohe.

Date 1927-1939

Size  Height excluding fitting 15.5 cm including fitting 22 cm . Diameter 12 cm

Condition Excellent original condition

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