From signature artists within the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movement, such as iconic French glass designer René Lalique to more niche design talent, such as Belgium sculptor Alexandre Ouline

We invite you to take a moment to read our artists’ biographies and find out more about the history and influences behind our pieces.

Find out how industrialist and master glassblower Emile Gallé’s work reflected his interest in the natural world, patriotism and political ideas and the sacrifices these artists made to dedicate their life to art.

You can read the individual stories of our much loved artists by following the links below.

Alexandre Ouline

Amadee Generalli


Carl Kauba


Emile Galle

Franz Xavier Bergman


Lucian Alliot

Marcel Bouraine

Pierre Le Faguays

Rene Lalique

Josef Lorenzl

Andre DeLatte

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