Amalric Walter Henri Berge Pate de verre dish


Antiques Reference 2060

Amalric Walter and Henri Bergé pate de verre dish



A pate de verre dish decorated with a snail and a shallow pond with water lillies. Signed in the pate de Verre A Walter Nancy and H Bergé. The subtleties and distinctive colours of this shallow dish or vide poche are typical of the quality and workmanship of these two artists. It was produced in France c 1920 and would make an excellent addition to any collection.


Amalric Walter was born in Sevres in 1870 and grew up in an area renowned for decorative and fine arts. Henri Cros who was the great pioneer of Pate de Verre worked in Sevres in 1891 and worked with Walter who was a great experimenter. The technical process of making pate de verre is very slow and complicated. His training in the ceramics industry helped him to develop his skills as an artist and technician.  Walter was particularly skilled in the process of keeping differenct colours of glass apart and preventing any bleed of colours. Walter worked at Daum from 1904-1914 where he began working with Henri Bergé. The two worked together until the death of Bergé in 1937. The disruption of the first world war in 1914 caused the Daum factory to cease production in from 1914-1918. After 1918 Walter set up his own studio.From 1919 to 1935 with Bergé and other famous sculptors or designers, he made about 500 models, always few in number due to the difficulties and techniques of glass kiln casting. It is said that when he was not happy about pieces that came out from the kiln, he used to throw them onto the outside wall of his studio, saying he was a genuine perfectionist.

Art Deco began to replace Art Nouveau, and his small production became uncompetitive because of high manufacturing costs. He then changed his production and cast simpler more Art Deco pieces usually only in three colours to keep costs down

In 1935, Walter’s workshop closed. He died in 1959, blind and destitute, at Lury-sur-Arnon

Date c 1920

Condition – Excellent original condition. No nicks or chips. Expected light wear to the underside

Dimensions Approximate 16 cm long 5.5 cm wide and 6 cm high

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